Why ecManager?

What makes ecManager unique and different?

Why use ecManager as your digital commerce platform?

Why do customer choose ecManager as their digital commerce development platform over Magento, Episerver, Sitecore Commerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Intershop?

ecManager has a lot of value to offer when it comes to omni-channel digital shopping experiences, maximizing order value and conversion rates. It is unique and differentiates on multiple aspects delivering this value.

Unique Microsoft Azure solution

ecManager is a leader in developing digital commerce solutions running on native Microsoft Azure cloud services. There’s no need for expensive VM’s anymore and we use all the new, smart and scalable service Azure has to offer like Artificial Intelligence, Azure Search, Dynamics 365, Service Bus and Logic App integrations .

Customizable presentation & logic

ecManager has fully separated data, logic, service and presentation layers. The single-tenant, open and modular SOA-architecture enables developers to fully customize storefront presentation and business logics (data model). Your customer is always leading by building matching customer journeys and shopping experiences. ecManager technology can be leveraged to create competitive advantage.

QuickStart Storefront

ecManager platform comes with a QuickStart Storefront. With this modern and best-practice storefront implementation partners can quickly build a branded and fully functional storefront  You’re in business quickly and can start focusing on enhancing shopping experience, increasing order value and conversion rates.

Six Week Promise

Implementation partners can build a branded b2b or b2c QuickStart storefront within six weeks. Our Six Week Promise. Launch your brand quickly and start doing business. You can now begin enhancing shopping experiences and start optimizing order value and conversions. Super fast time-to-market.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

The initial cost of ecManager as a service, or buying ecManager are the lowest in our market. But more important are the initial costs for developing a custom storefront and keep it innovated and optimized. Using a modular SOA-architecture and .NET standards implementation and development costs are two to three times cheaper than similar commerce development platforms. ecManager has by far the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO)

For every .NET developer

ecManager is an open source .NET development platform in a closed community. ecManager is keen to use only standard .NET technology. Any .NET developer can start developing on top of the ecManager platform. So no vendor lock. It offers customer a choice to have their own developers work on the commerce platform and create competitive advantage.

12+ years of proven technology

We’ve been developing on the ecManager commerce platform since 2005. Together with multiple implementation partners we’ve dozens of successful and leading storefronts for our customers.

Roadmap influence

ecManager customers have direct influence on our roadmap. Wishes and market developments are discussed regularly with our customers When of value to our standard development platform and our customers we put it on the roadmap.

Dutch development quality

ecManager is fully developed by Dutch developers and Dutch designers. Our developers are highly qualified, certified and experienced. New and innovative features and technologies are developed with support of the Microsoft Azure team. ecManager does continues delivery and has design principles to keep our product in line with our customer needs.