Use 30 standard inheritable and customizable open source logic modules. Or develop your own modules. Maximum flexibility with your business logics.

ecManager uses design principles for designing digital commerce software in order to secure the customer promise of staying ahead in digital commerce.

This is why ecManager is build on a modern service oriented architecture using robust .NET standards to secure reliability, security, scalability and speed. ecManager’s modular approach offers major flexibility with 30 inheritable and customizable open source logic modules .

ecManager Modules

ecManager has all the commerce business logic in a modular service oriented architecture. This enables efficient updates and easy customization. There is no need to update an entire monolith software product. Just update, or add a specific module.

ecManager modules are standard .NET open source modules based on ecManager core module definitions. They can be inherited and customized by implementation partners and customers by any .NET developer. You can also develop your own business logic modules to perfectly match the commerce platform with a customer journey, customer processes, brand experience or IT landscape. Maximum flexibility and development speed.