ecManager API

Built smart and unique storefronts using the state-of-the-art ecManager API

ecManager API

ecManager is a very flexible development platform to build smart and unique storefronts. The ecManager service layer and modern ecManager API offers choice and helps developing smart, robust storefronts and integrations. Always fast.

Service Layer

The ecManager SOA-architecture offers developers to communicate directly with the service layer for flexible and fast exchange of data.


Flexibility and scalability are a few of our design principles. ecManager created an API based on GraphQL that has more flexibility and performance than a REST based API.

GraphQL enables ecManager applications, like your storefront or an external integration, to mutate or ask for exactly the data you need from the ecManager platform and nothing more. There’s just one end point. Get all the data your storefront needs in a single request for better performance. Control public and private data with rights.

GraphQL offers real-time and up-to-date ecManager API documentation. Know exactly what data you can request from ecManager API.

Headless storefront

If you don’t want to use ecManager Quikstart you can go headless with ecManager. With the storefront interface separated from the commerce logic, content, data and the use of ecManager API, you’re free to choose the tools, front-end frameworks, and technologies necessary to provide the best possible omni-channel shopping experience.

Data integration

Integrating within a best-of-breed IT-landscape is easy. Control public and private data with rights. For example ecManager has a data API integration with Google Data Studio.