E-commerce & sales

ecManager offers solutions for the challenges and
obstacles of an e-commerce manager.


Different companies have different goals: growing or surviving, reach new customers, gain higher online revenue or ROI, cross-border ambitions or creating synergy between online and offline.

The e-commerce manager translates the sales strategy to online, and give e-commerce a more prominent role. Margins are under pressure. He or she has to increase order value and conversions. How can you promote cross- and up-sell or facilitate additional sales in physical shops? How do you deal with conflicts between your different sales channels? How do you use all your available data to enhance sales results? How do you make use of all the market and technology innovations? And how do you fight for your existence, with marketing and IT, when e-commerce has no place in the board of directors?

How can ecManager help you out?

  • ecManager offers a platform for an omni-channel commerce structure. For instance storefronts, mobile apps or integration with voice, video and point-of-sale systems.
  • Because ecManager is fully customizable, it is possible to create unique fitting solutions. You have freedom in design and business logic
  • Present evidence that ecManager is cheaper ├índ has a lot of advantages compared to Magento 2, Episerver, Shopify Plus and Salesforce Commerce
  • A fast time-to-market, rapid implementation (Six Week Promise)
  • A lot of freedom and flexibility with the setting up and managing your storefront
  • Customer Success Program with activation tips, knowledge content and trainings
  • Be involved with the development plans of ecManager as e-commerce manager
  • Ease the burden of infrastructure, updates, licensing and support with ecManager SaaS


Marije, e-commerce manager:
“I try to ensure that the online channel brings extra revenue in the right way.”

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