ecManager offers solutions for the challenges
and obstacles of a digital marketing manager

Marketeer challenges

Different companies have different goals: growing or surviving. Creating the ultimate customer experience. Building a brand. Reach new customers. Achieve a higher retention and gain more online revenue. Creating synergy between online and offline.

The online marketeer needs to be able to work with content quick and easy. Ensure optimal brand appearance, fit the customer journey to the clients, optimize SEO and search results. Work with product feeds and UBR’s. Work ahead and be able to help with conversion attribution.

How can ecManager help?

  • ecManager offers a platform for an omni-channel shopping experience. For instance storefronts, mobile apps or integration with voice, video and point-of-sale system
  • Because ecManger is fully customizable, you are able to present your storefront or mobile application 100% on brand. This enables you to always create a fitting customer journey and offer the best online shopping experience
  • Present evidence for management with successful customer cases
  • Extensive news, blog, seo and search features
  • Standard available: 15 customizable content blocks
  • A lot of freedom and flexibility with the setting up and managing your storefront
  • User friendly CMS to manage your storefront and its content
  • Customer Success Program with activation tips, knowledge content and trainings
  • Be involved with the development plans of ecManager as marketeer

Femke, online marketeer:
“I try to ensure that the online channel generates
extra revenue in the right way”

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