commerce challenges

ecManager offers solutions for challenges and obstacles
of business management

Challenges management

Businesses have various goals: growing or surviving. Reaching new customers, achieve a higher online revenue and ROI. Cross-border ambitions or creating synergy between online and offline.

Management must be able to guide the company through market developments, control the total cost of ownership and make decisions based on a healthy business case.

How do you serve your customers efficiently and effectively with your commerce landscape? How to facilitate sales, marketing and IT for a successful digital commerce or a business transformation? How to use technology to create competitive advantage? How do you manage the reputation of your business? How to use cloud and other innovations?

How can ecManager help?

  • ecManager offers a platform for an omni-channel business. For instance: storefronts, mobile apps or integrations with voice, video and point-of-sale systems
  • Give insights in what role a commerce platform has in a commerce IT-landscape
  • One best-of-breed platform for multiple b2c or b2b websites and storefronts
  • Fast time-to-market, rapid implementation (Six Week Promise)
  • Lower the total cost of ownership and make it transparent
  • Set up a scalable business
  • Facilitate e-commerce, marketing and IT objectives
  • Use digital commerce technology to create competitive advantage
  • Invest from OPEX or CAPEX
  • Quality and reliability with standards and Microsoft Azure

Ronald, managing director:
“We have to keep innovating and be progressive in our choices”

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