IT commerce

ecManager offers solutions for the
challenges and obstacles of IT Managers.

The challenges of an IT manager

Companies have various goals: growing or surviving, reach new customers, or achieve a higher online revenue and ROI. Sometimes they have cross-border ambitions, or they want to create synergy between online and offline.

IT usually has a facilitating role. How do you give the business optimal support with flexible and scalable technology? How do you keep the IT-cost within control? How do you connect easy and effective within your IT landscape? How do you provide optimal performance and safety?

How can ecManager help?

  • ecManager offers an omni channel business platform. For instance: storefronts and mobile apps or integrations with voice, video and point-of-sale systems
  • Give insights what role a commerce platform has in a commerce IT landscape
  • One best-of-breed platform for several b2c or b2b sites and storefronts
  • Fast time-to-market, rapid implementation (Six Week Promise)
  • Lower the total cost of ownership and make it transparent
  • Creating an (automatic) scalable infrastructure
  • Ease the burden of technology updates
  • Facilitate the objectives of e-commerce, marketing and IT
  • A lot of freedom and flexibility regarding business / digital transformation
  • Quality and reliability with standards and Microsoft Azure

Karel, IT manager: “Involve me timely with this type of
big projects, to give us enough time to prepare.”

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