Business leaders, e-commerce managers, online marketeers and IT-managers, they all have their responsibilities and tasks in order to be successful in digital commerce. Learn how ecManager helps.

Digital commerce solution for every role

The ecManager digital commerce platforms offers role supported solutions. ecManager enables management, e-commerce, marketing and IT to be successful with their responsibilities and tasks. Do you want to learn more on how ecManager supports your job? Select your role and read more.

E-commerce sales

Margins are under pressure. You have to increase order value and conversions. How to support cross and upsell or omnichannel sales at brick stores? How to leverage all your data for improved sales results?


Digital marketing

You want to create a digital shopping experience that matches your customers buyers journey. You want to inspire. You need to be on-brand, and improve internal and external search results. You need to manage market place feeds, improve the NPS scores of your organization and handle all your data in the smartest way possible. A digital commerce platform that supports brand managers and marketeers helps to achieve all this and more.

Marketing challenges


You have to manage business or digital transformation. You are in charge of enabling your organization to realize change, to match customer expectations and prepare for future developments. Risks must be managed and the TCO must be low. We believe that sustainable progress, business transformation and a competitive advantage is largely driven by technology. ecManager supports your goals and responsibilities.

Management challenges


How does your (future) IT infrastructure supports effective and efficient digital commerce business?  Does your commerce platform supports cloud innovations? How does it handle security, compliancy, scalability and performance? Are you flexible enough to support your marketing and e-commerce goals?

IT Challenges