The best fashion retail commerce technology for creating
a competitive advantage. 100% customizable presentation,
business logic and performance for perfect, unique and
smart shopping experiences.

As a fashion retailer you need to deal with customer emotions, impulse buying, helping customers with an outfit, fast collection changes, return rates.

How to be on-brand and create great shopping experiences instead of offering dime-a-dozen digital storefronts? How to focus on conversion, order value and margins at the same time?

For fashion brands that want to lead, there’s only one option: Use fashion retail digital commerce technology as an enabler for competitive advantage.

How to differentiate in fashion?

There are many ways for fashion brands to differentiate. With your collection, price, service, brand awareness and omni-channel strategy for example. You can also create competitive advantage when using the right digital commerce technologies. Flexibility is key. The less flexible you are, the harder it is to create a competitive advantage.

So how do you measure flexibility of your commerce technology?

  • Can you pick your own (innovative) front-end technologies for presenting your brand and storefront experience?
  • Can you build your own front-end storefront without templates?
  • Can you customize or even add business logic?
  • Can you customize all resources for scalability and optimizing performance?
  • Has your technology a best-of-breed focus on commerce experiences and results?

If the answer is no, than your technology can not provide competitive advantage. So when you and your competitor use the same technology you can only compete on limited things like content, configurations and template design.

Technology becomes less flexible or slows you down when:

  • It has multi-tenant components. You share business logic and resources with other customers of the technology vendor. You are unable to customize this logic and resources your way.
  • Your software vendor requires you to check and approve changes to your business logic and front-end.
  • Data, logic and presentation software architecture layers are not separated.
  • Business logic is build in a monolithic software solution.
  • There’s no cloud platform involved or the supported cloud platform offers little features or limited openness.

ecManager offers the ultimate fashion retail commerce platform technology for gaining a competitive advantage. Maximum flexibility, running on the best and most innovative and open cloud platform: Microsoft Azure. On top of that ecManager offers a lot of fashion retail features:
  • Selling outfits
  • AI cross-sell features
  • Cross-sell on outfits
  • Look detail pages
  • Set detail pages
  • Unique presentation of products
  • Product variations
  • Lots of delivery options
  • Slice & Dice through catalog
  • Short lead times bringing new products online
  • Lots of (after) payment options
  • Catwalk video support

Fashion customer cases

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