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Are you a retailer, brand manufacturer, B2B or wholesale company? Build a successful commerce solution for your market.

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The ecManager digital commerce platform enables you to build commerce solutions for all kinds of industry challenges. ecManager has its focus on helping brands, retail or B2B and wholesale customers. ecManager has focus on building matching shopping experiences and converting visitors and products into orders. Combined with industry specific features makes ecManager a powerful commerce platform that can be leveraged to create competitive advantage. Want to learn more about what ecManager has to offer for your industry?


How do you stay unique as a retailer? How do you ensure that your product or order management system communicates with your storefront? Can I manage our shop myself? A few examples of questions that we and our partners see in this market. But how do you as an organization deal with this?

Read on to see how ecManager solutions help retail customers be ahead in digital commerce. 

Retail solutions


We see that storefronts not always match with the identity of brands. This is often because of technology limitations like a non-flexible presentation layer or multi-tenant solutions where features and resources are shared. Time-to-market is really important for brands as well.

Learn how ecManager solutions can help Brands face their challenges.

Brand solutions

B2B & wholesale

B2B and wholesale companies often have to deal with different processes and integrations. How can you  manage this in an efficient and effective way within your commerce platform? What do we do with all the information from these various applications and how can we bring this together?

Curious about how you can deal with these challenges? 

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