Royal Dutch Mint launches scalable storefront with ecManager Cloud

Bjørn Hascher •  7 June 2018

Manufacturer of Dutch euro and commemorative coins Royal Dutch Mint, developed a new and automatically scalable website and web shop together with digital commerce agency De Nieuwe Zaak. The brand new digital commerce platform ecManager Cloud Edition, was used to accomplish this. Web shop visits at Royal Dutch Mint peak hugely when there are campaigns or launches of new limited edition coins. The peaks cause availability problems despite a heavy server park. With ecManager Cloud that runs on native Microsoft Azure services, customers will now always have a great shopping experience.

When on the popular Dutch television program Voetbal Inside the exclusive online sale of the Johan Cruijff Five euro coin is announced, the website goes down within one minute. The heavy servers of Royal Dutch Mint are not capable handling the tens of thousands of visitors that want to buy this limited coin at the same time.

Royal Dutch Mint wanted to avoid this negative shopping experience for the future and migrated their storefront to ecManager Cloud Edition. This modern and brand new cloud edition of the ecManager digital commerce platform runs on native services of the worlds biggest cloud platform: Microsoft Azure. ecManager Cloud Edition does not use servers or virtual machines anymore but uses different services like Web Apps and Azure Search. You can easily and automatically scale up or down these services based on website visitors. This is saving costs and guarantees website availability.

Besides scalability ecManager Cloud offers enhanced performance, Redis caching and new features that Royal Dutch Mint will use to improve customer experience and online sales.

Marten Schuurman, online marketing coordinator at Royal Dutch Mint: “Because of our digital transformation to sell coins exclusively online, our websites and storefronts became even more important. We want to offer our customers the best shopping experience and sell more of our products and services. With ecManager Cloud we secured these goals for the future.”

ecManager Cloud Edition was implemented by digital commerce agency De Nieuwe Zaak together with Microsoft Azure partner YourHosting.