ecManager May release news

Bjørn Hascher •  13 May 2019

Due to our continuous delivery developments ecManager had another couple of releases. Our development team made quite some progress on roadmap issues considering our new GraphQL API and our new superfast ecManager React application. Beside these two major topics there were multiple fixes and small enhancements. Highlights are:

Redirect module enhancement

ecManager added the use of Regex groups in the ecManager redirect module. This feature enhancement helps better landing of customers and keeping link value of old URL’s. With Regex groups you can use parameters in order to use parts of an URL in a new URL.

Search statistics optimization

Important to be successful in digital commerce is to analyze search data on a regular base. By analyzing this data you can improve conversions by changes in content, promotions and product portfolio based on these analyses. ecManager optimized its search statistics to improve ease and speed of analyzing large search data sets.

ecManager supports new e-commerce geo-blocking regulation

Geo-blocking and other geographically-based restrictions undermine online shopping and cross-border sales. With the new regulation websites aren’t allowed to block web shop customers from other EU countries anymore. Web shop owners are not obligated to deliver in the customers country though.

This means that web shop owners need to change check-out and ordering forms to comply with this new regulation. The new ecManager QuickStart release is from now on Geo-blocking compliant.