ecManager June release

Bjørn Hascher •  27 June 2019

As part of our continuous delivery approach, ecManager had another couple of releases. We’ve worked hard on our new and superfast ecManager CMS version that we will release later this year. There’s also a lot of progress made on new B2B features that are still under development. We’ve also released a number of small improvements. Here are a few of them:

Shopping basket remains filled after payment canceling

When during the payment process a visitors clicks on the browsers back button instead of clicking ‘previous step’ in the web shop, the payment is canceled but also emptied the shopping basket. In this release your shopping basket remains filled after clicking the back button in your browser.

Easier price list management

Managing price lists in ecManager have been improved by applying a different architecture method of prioritizing price lists.

Improved shopping speed

Several performance optimizations have been applied. For example by putting extra indexes on several database tables. Due to these optimizations some steps in the shopping experience of a visitor have been improved.

Search results per customer

As part of the new B2B features, search indexes are extended with catalogues per customer. It’s now possible to show search results per customer.

Extra checks for correct orders

ecManager added extra checks to its promotion and voucher logics. These checks help prevent ordering products by customers who don’t have rights to buy these products.