Personalized fashion until the very inch

Bjørn Hascher •  28 November 2018

Personalized fashion with ZOZO

ZWOLLE – No, I didn’t wear the outfit of the latest Marvel super hero that Stan Lee had created just before his passing. At night, after the What’s Next in Retail congress, I was at home and I put on a tight-fitting bodysuit of the Japanese brand ZOZO.

After my kids made great fun of me, I put my phone on the included standard. With voice recognition I made 12 photos of my body. After that I could immediately order T-shirts, sweaters and pants in the right size through the ZOZO-app. With this technology you always order clothing in the right size and the retailer won’t have to deal with the returned items. Of course you’ll need to do another measuring session in the ZOZO-suit after you’ve been on a diet.

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