New shoppers demand new experiences

Bjørn Hascher •  23 November 2018

New shoppers demand new experiences

ZWOLLE – Our payment partner Adyen presented the results of their 2018 European retail report and their experience model, during the What’s Next in Retail tech congress. The interesting experience model is based on the statement: New shoppers demand new experiences.

According to Adyen, experiences are built on three pillars: Convenience (fast, easy and frictionless), Content (personalized to me) and Control (interact on my terms). The retail experience research of Adyen resulted in several nice insights. For example: with 65% of the respondents, loyalty rises when a retailer offers the possibility to check the stock of a store online, before visiting the shop.

50% of the participants indicate that if they have the option to order out-of-stock products in the store and get them delivered at their home, they will buy more. 69% indicates that they will shop more often if they receive product recommendations and can buy them via a chat bot. 30% indicates that a one-click checkout experience will increase their loyalty towards the shop. You can read the complete report via

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