Mobile shopping with video

Bjørn Hascher •  22 November 2018

Mobile shopping via video

ZWOLLE – During the What’s Next in Retail Tech congress it again became clear how far ahead countries like China and Japan are with technical developments within retail. Especially the presentations of Exmachina and The Footwearists showed how new technology and methods are already being used.

One example is the integration of commerce in video and (live)television: frictionless ordering products, during a TV-soap or a big live event. After giving a sense of urgency with the viewer (by showing limited and actual stock, for example), they only have to shake and click on their phone to when they see an interesting product.  The order is placed and the payment is done immediately. Congratulations! You are one of the thousand persons who now own this special limited edition camera. And of course: ordered today, delivered tomorrow.

Curious how you can use ecManager to integrate digital commerce transactions with video or other channels? Contact us or your eManager commerce partner.