Get Ahead In Retail Commerce With ecManager Continuous Delivery For Complex Commerce Environments

Rianne Beuker •  27 December 2018

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ZWOLLE – Being a market- and customer-driven organization, ecManager sees an increasing market demand for speed and flexibility. Those two elements are also part of our design principles in order to deliver our customer promise of being ahead in digital commerce. To further improve the speed and flexibility of an omni-channel commerce business, ecManager announces Continuous Delivery of its single-tenant digital commerce platform running on Microsoft Azure.

To keep up with the speed of technology innovations, feature developments and new domains like AI, voice, marketplaces, big data and the internet of things is hard. Having the technology in place is one thing, turning it into business value is another. In order for our customers to focus on the latter, ecManager and its implementation partners will significantly improve the speed and flexibility of having the latest digital commerce technology in place.

Continuous Delivery increases your competitive advantage using technology.

Starting January 2019 we will offer Continuous Delivery for our ecManager SaaS customers. Continuous Delivery is the ability to get platform changes of all types including new technologies, features and bug fixes into production safely, quickly and in a sustainable way. Our goal is to make update deployments of customized, single-tenant and complex digital commerce production environments an efficient and predictable routine that can be performed on demand.

This means when ecManager releases a minor or major update of a module, a customer can update just that module right away and focus on getting value out of that update. Before, customers had to wait for a major release for months. They also needed to update the entire platform to get the update part they wanted.

This new software delivery process improves the speed of having new technologies and features available. It also reduces costs of updating your own and unique commerce platform. With ecManager SaaS you will always stay ahead in digital commerce.

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