Brewing beer with artificial intelligence

Bjørn Hascher •  26 November 2018

Brewing beer with AI

ZWOLLE – ecManager was present at the presentation of the founder of IntelligenceX, Hew Leith, during the What’s Next in Retail Tech congress. IntelligenceX is a beer brand that brews their beers through artificial intelligence. This data-driven beer brand doesn’t own their own brewery.

The company exists of a brand, a button-based Facebook-bot and AI-algorithms. Customers form groups with a maximum of 200 people and they answer continuously questions of the beer-bot. Questions like: should this beer be more fruity? Did you think this beer tasted bitter? All the data is then being processed. This happens real-time and on a large scale, by the algorithms of IntelligenceX.

Next, an adjusted recipe is created. This is send to the collaborating brewery’s. After the beer is brewed, it is shipped to the relevant customers. We see so much other possibilities here besides beer, and we are probably not the only ones!

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