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ecManager offers a single-tenant digital commerce platform. providing technology to always stay ahead in business. Use it to build truly unique omni-channel shopping experiences, matching customer journeys, custom features and to maximize your orders and conversions. Fast.

Best-of-Breed approach

ecManager is all about converting visitors and products into orders. That is what we focus on, that is what ecManager is great at. ecManager has a best-of-breed approach for all the other functions, processes and features that are needed in an omnichannel digital commerce landscape. It is easy to integrate ecManager with 3rd-party applications like ERP, PIM, PSP, Order Management and many more.

Modular & Open Source

ecManager has a modular service oriented architecture. Data, logic, service and presentation layers are fully separated and ecManager modules are .NET open source. This means that updating, customizing or adding features can be done quickly and in a manageable way by any .NET developer.

ecManager offers many features for management of
  • Sites
  • Catalogue & Products
  • Promotions
  • Content Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Search
  • Baskets & Check-out
  • Payments
  • Shipping
  • Orders
  • Accounts
  • Dashboard & Reporting
  • Platform
  • API

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