Microsoft Azure

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Microsoft Azure is the biggest, safest en fastest cloud platform in the world.

Digital Commerce With The Power Of Azure


Microsoft Azure is the biggest, safest en fastest cloud platform in the world. That’s why there’s no better combination than ecManager Cloud Edition and Microsoft Azure. We’ve been developing for two years, creating a native Azure version of the ecManager digital commerce development platform. ecManager is now super scalable, smarter, faster and cheaper to manage and develop on.

Maarten Sonneveld, Partner Development Manager, Microsoft Western Europe: “We are pleased to see that ecManager has built its new digital commerce platform on top of the Microsoft Azure Platform as we firmly believe that Azure offers our partners a flexible, scalable, secure & compliant environment for online sales and retailing. We look forward to supporting ecManager and their customers on their journey to the hyperscale Azure cloud.”


All the different Azure services that are used by ecManager can be managed and scaled individually. Are your online storefront visits, or product catalogue, or number of integrations growing? No problem (automatically) scale up and down to always offer a great shopping experience.


Do you have complex business logics or a complex integration landscape? Or do you have a huge load of visitors at the same time? Manage your Azure services individually to always have an excellent performance and shopping experience.


Azure offers many snart services like AI & Cognitieve services that can be leveraged into your digital commerce solution. ecManager uses AI for personalization and conversion optimization.


Azure offers different ways to integrate solutions like ecManager into complex IT-landscapes. This is really important supporting our best-of-breed approach. With the use of Azure Service Bus and Logig Apps you easily can create fast, reliable and manageable integrations.


Azure is consumption based. As we have flexibility in all the different Azure services, we can offer a cost effective solution which is cheaper than the old fashion Server VM solutions. Are you peaking? No problemen just scale-up for a short period of time.


Microsoft Azure has the most data centers in the world. It offers superios security and uptime guearantees. You can not find a more secure cloud platform.


Microsoft Azure has the biggest (70+) compliance offerings, like GDPR, ISO 27001 and NEN to support customers in many different regions or customer with industry specific needs.