Raven Hengelsport

Everything for the fisher

How did ecManager help?


  • Realization of new responsive web shop
  • Omnichannel strategy supporting
  • Seamlessly integration into existing application landscape
  • Multi-country and multi-currency to clone website internationally


Raven Fishing is the specialist for the fisher: with megastores in Netherlands and international, in-house experts and a web shop. The existing shop no longer matched the needsof the modern consumer and the way he orientates and purchases: the customer journey.



Raven was looking for an e-commerce platform with the aim of integration of online and offline channels. ecManager is the platform that meets the requirements of Raven such as responsive design, omnichannel strategy, online marketing support and conversion optimization. During the development of the web shop much attention is paid by the implementation partner to conversion optimization to directly improve the performance and efficiency of the shop, stretching the possiblities of ecManager.



The new shop is developed and immediately conversion improvements have been implemented into the web shop. Ravens can continue itself to optimize conversion and order value, online marketing campaigns and omnichannel retailing.

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