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  • Flexible configurable website that meets customer needs
  • Complete integration with the existing system
  • Mobile devices as integral part of omnichannel strategy
  • Responsive webshop with favourable TCO


Via its previous website, Kiwitz offered part of its products to the online market. In 2014, it was decided that the site was no longer a good fit with the organization, the target group and the company’s ambitions. To improve Kiwitz’s communications and customer relations and to address future requirements, it had become a professional necessity to update the company’s website.



The multidisciplinary partnership of Kiwitz with implementation partner De Nieuwe Zaak created a professional online store. The choice is made for ecManager as platform,  so that the organization could be optimally equipped for eCommerce. The new Kiwitz shop began with an extensive phase of analysis, in which the wishes and needs of business customers were accurately mapped. These multidisciplinary needs were translated into a professional shop, which allows Kiwitz to turn its new business goals into reality.



The initial result of the multidisciplinary project approach is a responsive shop, built around the ecManager software. The ecManager software could be seamlessly integrated with existing systems, making it simple and clear for Kiwitz to maintain its webshop. The rejuvenated Kiwitz is ready for the future and combines the needs of customers seamlessly with those of the company’s business associates. A marketing team is working on expanding the Kiwitz clientele and on optimizing the service for existing clients. The focus is on results and the service is designed completely around the requirements of the end user. ecManager supports this strategy.

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