ecManager CMS

Manage your storefront with ecManager CMS.

The content management system (CMS) of ecManager contains many features to easily manage multiple storefronts. Depending on the role of ecManager in an digital commerce IT landscape you can manage site structure, content, product information, promotions and many more things. The CMS has role based access control for roles like online marketer, content manager or e-commerce manager.

The main ecManager CMS features support:

  • Site management
  • Catalogue & products management
  • Retail, promotions & voucher management
  • Web structure & content management
  • Digital marketing management
  • Search management
  • Order management (baskets, orders etc.)
  • Account management
  • Payment & Shipping management
  • Dashboard & Widgets
  • Scheduling & Tasks management

The ecManager CMS application comes standard with the ecManager Digital Commerce Platform. The application can be customized or extended by implementation partners.