Together for the best result

Personal attention

Onboarding is part of the ecManager customer success program. Onboarding is designed for new customers on the ecManager Digital Commerce platform who want a personalized experience working with ecManager and an implementation partner. With the help of a customer success manager, you will receive dedicated guidance on how to build successful storefronts with your partner, how to integrate ecManager with your existing systems and how to stay ahead in business using technology.

What’s included:

  • An assigned customer success manager from the start of your ecManager contract
  • Your customer success manager shall provide:
    • Assistance with the SaaS setup associated with the ecManager SaaS edition
    • Advice and guidance on selecting and managing an implementation partner
    • Guidance on developing and managing a digital commerce storefront
    • News and information about new features or new technologies
    • Assistance with feature whishes for the platform
  • You will also receive on-going access to resources including:
    • ecManager Support Center
    • ecManager Development Center
    • ecManager CMS Manual
    • Certification and training courses