ecManager design principles

Customer promise based on four design principles

Design principles are the guiding light for our brand and software solution. They define and communicate the key characteristics of the ecManager brand and digital commerce platform to a wide variety of stakeholders including customers, colleagues and team members.

Design principles articulate the fundamental goals that all decisions can be measured against and thereby keep the pieces of a business moving towards an integrated whole. They help design unique experiences and secure our customer promise and purpose.


Solid & Reliable ~

Digital commerce technology is business critical for our customers. 24 hours a day and everywhere. We must be rock solid, reliable and perform, always.


~ Flexible & Scalable ~

We offer competitive advantage through our technology. We must be flexible and scalable to support all touch points, support best-of-breed and to quickly adapt to our customers growth and needs.


~ Fast & Easy ~

We recognize faster experiences deliver more value. As such, performance is something our customers should never notice. We must deliver updates quickly, support fast roll-out of new sites and commerce management must be easy.


~ Smart & Innovative~

To enable our customers to stay a step ahead in digital commerce, we need to be smart & innovative. Discover new technologies and learn from customer best practices.