Always Ahead
In Digital Commerce

  • Turn visitors & products into orders
  • Create unique shopping experiences
  • Always fast


B2C and B2B Commerce Cloud Platform
Powered by Microsoft Azure

Maximize Orders And Conversions
Turn visitors & products into orders

Create competitive advantage and let your business grow. ecManager has open, customizable and extendable logic modules. This enables you to optimize and maximize conversions and order value continuously.

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Build Unique Experiences
Create unique shopping experiences

Your customer is leading. ecManager enables you to build ultimate, truly unique and on brand shopping experiences for your customers. Fully customize your omni-channel storefront presentation.

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Always Fast
Always fast

Speed is key. Fast and real-time performance. No shared application or infrastructure. Fast time-to-market and continuously new updates.

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Next Level Commerce:
ecManager SaaS Edition

The most flexible commerce cloud platform
you can find.

ecManager SaaS Edition is an unique and leading commerce development platform running on single-tenant Microsoft Azure cloud. This makes ecManager secure, compliant, scalable, smarter and super fast. No more worries about licences, updates, new versions, hosting and SLA. No upfront investments.

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  • Customer experience leading
  • Six week time-to-market
  • b2c & b2b storefronts, portals or apps
  • Automatically scalable
  • Multiple sites. One platform
  • Omni-channel

More about SOLUTIONS

Feature highlights

  • Products & pricing (customer specific)
  • Digital marketing, vouchers & promotions
  • Content management
  • AI & personalization
  • Orders, payment & shipping
  • Search & filters

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  • Modern SOA architecture
  • Single-tenant native Azure cloud
  • Standard .NET
  • 100+ open source modules & blocks
  • Headless & data GraphQL API
  • Continuous delivery

More about technology

Customer Success

Over 80 successful implementations have been made since ecManager was founded. Over 50 million visitors, millions of transactions and over $100 million of revenues are powered by ecManager.

Always available during peak visits

When on National TV the online sales of a Johan Cruyff coin is announced, a storm of visitors caused the webshop of Royal Dutch Mint to go down.

To prevent this happening again, ecManager Cloud Edition was deployed. Easy and cost effective scaling up of the storefront
prevents unavailability and a negative shopping experience.

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Why ecManager?

Why do customers choose ecManager? 15 reasons to pick ecManager:
  • Fully customizable front-end & logic
  • Best in class QuickStart storefront
  • Customer influence on roadmap
  • .NET open source modules
  • GraphQL headless & data API
  • Six Week Promise time-to-market
  • Ease of use ecManager CMS
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Commerce + content + marketing
  • Scalable native Azure cloud services
  • 13+ years of proven technology
  • Microsoft preferred commerce solution
  • Award winning platform & partners
  • Dutch design & quality
  • Continuous delivery
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