De Nieuwe Zaak

De Nieuwe Zaak

De Nieuwe Zaak is a pure eCommerce specialist. Convinced that webshops are never finished but are always evolving into something even better, they help leading retailers, wholesalers and brands to achieve eCommerce objectives. De Nieuwe Zaak help with this on all fronts of the eCommerce process, with a focus on results and working from two principles: customer focus and multidisciplinary work. With a preference for pragmatic solutions that lead to rapid results, they interweave design, engineering, usability and online marketing. This way, they create webshops that realize their full potential. 

De Nieuwe Zaak is an implementation partner of ecManager. The intensive cooperation between ecManager and De Nieuwe Zaak leads to consistent and unique user experiences at every point in the customer journey. Within our projects, both parties always strive for the perfect blend of strategy, creativity, technology and marketing. De Nieuwe Zaak and ecManager are convinced that this is the only way to maintain full control of the eCommerce process, with the maximum impact on the overall yield.


DukTECH is a Romanian organization that, from its inception in 2002, has specialized fully in software development services. Since its early days, Duk-Tech has worked with many business partners all over the world. Through the years, Duk-Tech has acquired a wealth of experience in developing eCommerce, Enterprise Resource Planning, web portals, online reservation systems, online casinos, social networks - you name it, they have done it.

Duk-Tech is one of ecManager’s implementation partners. Duk-Tech, as a service provider, is involved in the further development of the ecManager platform on which various eCommerce solutions are developed for end users. This broad experience allows Duk-Tech to support ecManager client implementations in maintaining their webshop. With the cooperation between Duk-Tech and ecManager, the client is able to offer its customers unique user experiences that lead to optimal conversion.



Ifective is ICT services company for software solutions and managed services. Ifective is specialized in resolving ICT issues in cloud infrastructure and software development. By specializing in certain business areas, Ifective provides ICT solutions that are tailored optimally. Working together with their strategic partners means they are kept abreast of industry developments: this enables them to make the best recommendations for your requirements in the field of ICT.

ecManager is one of these strategic partners: Ifective is closely involved in the further development of the ecManager platform, with which it serves its customers in developing a customer-centric platform.

SDNA Infotech

SDNA INFO TECH was founded in 2009 and has grown into an international leading IT Solution & Service Provider. In its existence SDNA Infotech has managed to work for several big names, including 42 race, OnGuard, HLBi, 2C2P, Overstock and Philips. SDNA Infotech operates in The Netherlands, Singapore, the UK, the US and India.

In its partnership with ecManager SDNA Infotech is one of the implementation partners. That means that SDNA Infotech helps clients develop a webshop based on the ecManager platform. SDNA Infotech strives for complete customer satisfaction through strong commitment in providing IT, software, digital and advisory services.



INDOGLOBALTEC has since its foundation in 2000 evolved to a leading player with a broad portfolio of services and solutions in the field of consulting, technology and outsourcing. Headquartered in the Netherlands IndoGlobal has offices in India and Germany, where the best service is provided in highly economic budgets. IndoGlobal consults on digital strategy and crafts meaningful connections with your customers across web, social, mobile and e-commerce.

IndoGlobal is one of the implementatie partners of ecManager. IndoGlobal implements the omnichannel e-commerce platform of ecManager for its customers. IndoGlobal can also leverage the implementation of ecManager with the use of Digital Marketing.

SWS Solutions

SWS SOLUTIONS is a full service web agency that builds successful web shops. SWS Solutions helps its customers among others in the development of a new website, developing custom (web) applications and system integrations.

By entering into the partnership the full-service internet agency SWS Solutions adds the omnichannel e-commerce platform ecManager to its e-commerce solutions. SWS Solutions is able to adress the merchants in the mid-high market with a suitable eCommerce platform solution.