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Flexibele webshop

Flexible web shop 
ecManager is maximal flexible to adapt to the specific customer journey of your customer. You are always able to serve your customer in the right way!

Uw klant centraal
Customer centric
You are able to manage, convert and optimize your web shop without IT knowledge. You are adressing the customer needs with SEO, SEA and marketing features. You are really customer centric!

Heldere TCO


Clear TCO
A clear and fixed license model for you as merchant with no surprises. The TCO is not dependable of your revenues or labels. More profit for you!

Naadloze integratie
Seamless integration 
Your webshop integrates seamlessly in your system landscape. This means consistent user experiences for your customer, more conversion for you!

Proven implementations

Since its inception, ecManager has successfully completed more than 60 implementations, the platform has accounted for more than 50 million visitors, 800.000 transactions and more than €60 million turnover a year.

ecManager is the platform enabling your eCommerce ambitions!

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ecManager works together with highly experienced partners to make your business a great succes.

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