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The .NET framework and SQL Server ecManager ecosystem work together to make a powerful combination that the implementator you can develop in a robust manner.

For the ecManager framework, C# is used. The included CMS and sample code; in addition to C#, the framework was also built using ASP.NET MVC. Data is stored in the Microsoft SQL Server.



Binary repositories are an important part of the development factory and the development process.

In the ecManager framework, NuGet is used for the distribution of the binaries. Using NuGet enables you, as implementation partner, to receive automatic updates from the ecManager binaries.


Dependency Injection

When building an application, the implementation partner sometimes want to adapt to the internal behaviour of the framework. ecManager uses Dependency Injection (IoC) to load modules.

Customized implementations of modules can be loaded this way into the ecManager framework. This enables to optimize the webshop for the set objectives. At present, Autofac is the tool used for the Dependency Injection.



Buyers can find their products in various ways in a webshop. One of them is through a Search commando. Within the ecManager framework, there is also built- in search technology to support this.

By default, ecManager uses Lucene.NET as its Search engine. Modularity ensures that other systems can also be used.


In addition to the API code (.NET) is a REST-based API. This makes it possible to unlock the functionality of the ecManager framework for systems that are not .NET -based and are located remote. You can think of PHP / Java or development of a mobile app.

Azure cloud

ecManager is besides on premise deployable in the Azure cloud. Now the hosting and the omni-channel applications can be optimally matched. By making use of Microsoft Azure Cloud it is possible to host professional web shops in a scalable and stable environment.

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