Standardized service layer

The service layer of ecManager is one of the options for integration within the ecManager framework. It allows you access to the functionality of the framework, so your new webshop can be quickly realized.

In the development of applications on a framework, predictability and stability are two key concepts.The service layer is a .NET API with a high degree of standardization and a passive change policy on the interfaces. Integrating with the services provides a stable foundation for the realisation of your webshop.



Business is leading so technical obstacles may not slow down the growth of your shop, so this has been taken into account while developing the ecManager framework.

You have the option to start small and grow into larger, more complex environments. A simple environment may comprise a web server and database. A complex environment, in contrast, consists of a combination of redundant load balancers, multiple web and application servers and redundant database servers.

Flexibility through modules

The standard features delivered by ecManager give implementation partners and online merchants the capability to develop reliable eCommerce applications in a relatively short time.

To change standard features, modularity is built-in to in many parts of the ecManager framework. Some obvious modules are used for logging, caching, performing basket calculations and generating URLs.



In addition to the standard functionality, there is often a need for customization. The ecManager framework can facilitate customized solutions by its flexible character.

ecManager provides an event-based structure that enables you running in parallel with ecManager actions. This includes processing orders after they are placed in ecManager or retrieving inventory from a remote system while processing of products.


Transparant REST API

The service is also a REST API. This is incorporated outside the .NET APIs with result that Java and PHP can also be used for integration.

The REST API itself is built on the ecManager services. The REST API is a thin layer providing full coverage of .NET APIs.

Performance optimizations

Performance is an important factor in the development of an application; performance is also an important indicator for the user experience.

The ecManager framework provides standard caching of calls to the framework. This cache is completely transparent and is optimized according to use. It is also possible to use the cache of your own application.



Security is an integral part of the ecManager framework. This implies that all calls to the framework must be authorized. What entities may be edited or deleted is defined per user.

In particular, this allows the shop to give reading rights, while the interfaces with back office systems have also modify and delete rights. In order to safeguard the internal security, ecManager uses Claims Based Authentication.



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