ecManager code API

Code API

The Code API code is the most direct entry of the ecManager Services, allowing you to integrate by using .NET technology, making use of services and entities composed by ecManager.  

Herewith you find an example of products searched for. This can be called for example by controller (MVC) or own logic. The API is documented separately and by using .NET code documentation.


The REST API is a transparent layer over the Code API offering the opportunity to address the ecManager remote services or to use other than .NET technologies.

The REST API provides a more loosely-coupled integration with the functionalities that remain available. An example is a JavaScript call using the REST API. The result is the same as with the use of the Code API.

ecManager REST API


The services are designed to build a reliable shop quickly and easily. Some features like internal behaviour are not directly accessible as a service. Also this can be customized by replacing the existing module with own implementation. ecManager uses a dependency injector to load modules and thus influence behaviour.

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