TechnologyecManager eCommerce technology

In the development of the ecManager omni-channel eCommerce platform, certain technologies were used to create the ecManager framework, such as .NET, REST, Search and Dependency Injection.

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ArchitectureecManager eCommerce architecture

The ecManager framework consists of a number of building blocks which make it possible to jointly realize and manage webshops. The eCommerce IT-architecture, extensibility and some internal features are important aspects of the ecManager eCommerce framework.

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APIecManager eCommerce API

The ecManager framework provides a rich set of functionalities to provide fast and reliable webshops. These functionalities in the ecManager framework are accessible through so-called Services. The functionalities communicate in two ways, via the .NET API Code and also via the HTTP-based REST API. Besides communicating with the ecManager services, the internal behaviour of ecManager can also be adapted: this can be achieved with its own modules.

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ecManager eCommerce integrations

For many software solutions, ecManager already created an integration. These standard links can be re-used in any project.

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