Consistent and personalized shopping experiences are increasingly important in order to retain your customers. These experiences determine whether a customer will return to your shop or decide to place an order with a competitor.

The ecManager omni-channel eCommerce platform is well equiped to create unique webshops that create amazing user experiences, matching your brand and meet the expectations of your audience. ecManager is built on the reliable Microsoft .NET technology and has an open, flexible and scalable nature. With its advanced API ecManager, it is easy to integrate into any IT architecture. Your visitors will be pleasantly surprised and that, in turn, increases loyalty.


Cross border

Cross-border eCommerce is one of the key growth strategies of successful eCommerce omni-channel organizations. Although international expansion can be very profitable and can provide many benefits, it also often brings a lot of challenges along with it. It helps enormously if these can mainly be solved with a suitable cross-border platform.

ecManager integrates with various payment service providers and logistics and fulfilment parties and also has the ability to comply with local legislation. You can also fine-tune your marketing approach to local markets; ecManager also offers the option of uploading all relevant language versions from a central management environment.


B2B is also undergoing a transformation, with an increasing need for digital solutions to increase customer loyalty. This market is rapidly changing, as more and more organizations add online transaction capabilities to their business model.

With ecManager, you have a Microsoft .NET based B2B eCommerce platform which allows you to transform your organization step by step to a future-proof digital B2B player. ecManager allows you to meet the increasing demands to do business digitally with your customers.



Convenience for the end user is the key to developing a successful mobile commerce proposition. ecManager is developed to develop and maintain a multi-device commerce solution out of one platform. 

The technology of ecManager has an appropriate look and feel that makes it suitable for shopping on mobile devices. ecManager also supports the integration of specific mobile payment solutions, allowing end users to order as easily and quickly as possible.


Multi brand

Managing and operating multiple brands under one umbrella or from a single umbrella organization is an interesting proposition and strategy for several reasons. The impact of a multi-brand organization, therefore, lies in a highly efficient and seamless backend integration of a single enterprise-wide omni-channel solution.

The user-friendly design of ecManager makes it an extremely convenient eCommerce solution for multi-brand organizations. Departments can easily and quickly share experiences and success strategies across the organization to implement and scale up as necessary.


Omni-channel software and technology choices are crucial in omni-channel organizations. These choices are essential for the seamless connection between digital and physical channels.

ecManager has been developed specifically as an omni-channel eCommerce platform and is, therefore, able to serve as the hub of your IT architecture. ecManager integrates with your back office and streamlines the technology behind your digital channels.

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