Product catalogue

A webshop is all about its products. In order to be able to offer products, it is important that a good, complete product catalogue is available.

ecManager has a user-friendly CMS where a product catalogue can be easily inserted. In addition, with ecManager, you are able to share your catalogue in relevant segments such as product groups, features, variants and options.



When you have set up an online shop, the next step is to make sure that your shop is easily found by valuable and enthusiastic visitors.With the marketing software features of ecManager, your webshop will be optimized and targeted for all online marketing channels.

From Search engine to Affiliate marketing, ecManager works toegther with you with a clear focus on attracting and converting valuable visitors to your webshop.



In addition to products, every shop has content features for the shop itself. These may include general terms and conditions and the opening hours of physical stores, as well as news you want to share with your audience.For this reason, it is necessary to be able to keep every detail of your shop up to date quickly and easily.

ecManager makes it possible with a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor. This allows people without technical expertise to get started immediately with developing, managing and optimizing pages. The benefit is that your shop can quickly be filled with a complete range of products and other important information.


For professional online shops, a strong Search is of great importance. Generally speaking, the bigger the product range, the more important the search function. ecManager uses Lucene .NET, a popular open source search technology.

By analyzing the results of each query, you know exactly where the opportunities are for optimizing the content of your departments. With search term operations and indexing settings you can influence the results of a search term.


Each ecManager implementation has several standard Retail features in the CMS, including combinations of products, cross-selling, promotions and cash bargains.

By making use of these features, it is possible to increase your conversion and the value of the shopping cart. And that's what your business is all about!


The customer is key. With ecManager, everyone who places an order is a customer. It is important, therefore, that all the data of an order (and thus customer information) can be managed properly.

ecManager has various client features that make it very easy for you to store customer information and be able to view and manage it quickly.


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