Our movie

The beginning

About ten years ago, the first steps have been set in developing ecManager. ecManager is therefore started from a real customer need. At that time there was no suitable solution available to provide a successful eCommerce platform, which is also easy to manage by online retailers. This approach is key for ecManager. Our belief is that complex technology should be easy to use. The online marketer should be able to create, manage and optimize his own shop without IT knowledge. At ecManager we always put the customer first. This customer centered attitude is in our DNA.

Our core values

We are driven by our core values: quality, reliability, flexibility, innovation and service orientation.

Our motives

The purpose of ecManager is to build, manage and develop an effective and stable foundation for a profitable shop. The experienced team behind ecManager keeps developing the platform with passion and dedication. ecManager is developed by and for retailers during the past years. In the ecManager platform the extensive experience with business and ICT are combined with deep knowledge of eCommerce. The ecManager team has worked on the further (further) development and professionalization of the technology of ecManager. The basis is a service oriented architecture, standard integration layer, based on Microsoft ASP .NET MVC 5 standards. In terms of functionalities we made ecManager ready to facilitate an omni-channel strategy.

The result

ecManager is the most professional and high-quality .NET most omni-channel eCommerce platform for ambitious e-business and omni-channel organizations. ecManager is reliable, scalable and open. The ecManager software is easy to use, because even without IT knowledge you are able to manage, convert and optimize your online store. Whether you are at the start of your eCommerce business, whether you are looking for an alternative to your eCommerce software: ecManager makes it happen!

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Our team

Adri Korpershoek
Software engineer
Timo Snel
Software engineer
Gerrit Willem Mensink
Software Engineer
Arjen Vellinga
Software engineer
Bart de Vries
Peter van Noord
Product owner
Kyra Schoemaker
egbert bakker
partner manager